San Marco Leathers is a young and growing company in the tanning sector, in particular in the processing of splits and suede. It comes from the historical and established experience of the R&D tannery.

San Marco Leathers follows all the processes, from the initial phase of the leather production process to the final article. San Marco Leathers manages to satisfy the requests of the most demanding customers and always offer new leather proposals.

Workings of the tannery


Leather is divided into GRAIN (outside finest and soft) and SPLIT (bottom).


Mechanical operation with which it makes uniform the thickness of the leather.


Imperfect parts are cut with a knife.


The color of the leather is made in special wooden drums. The colored leathers acquire softness and breathability.


Leathers are well laid out on long plates to be dried. Leathers are placed on a drying chain and brought to the right degree of humidity.



Leather is given smoothness thanks to the use of staking rung.


The leather is pulled through a sandpaper that the standardization and creates the writing effect (for leather suede and nubuck). Skins “grain” rather not undergo this operation but keeps the total surface of the flower.


Process to recover leather softness and appearance of the original grain surface. This phase takes place in drums where water vapor is present.


After milling leathers are checked to make the choice of color and to decide on their next use.


After completing the work, leathers are measured and prepared for shipment to customers.